Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tulip Time!

Hello Everyone. Well, it is Tulip Time here in Holland - and we are gearing up for a big week. My plan is to work out of town on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! Avoid the traffic on the big days! There will be parades, street scrubbing, bands, and miles and miles and miles of tulips.

It has been a productive weekend here.... my dinner companion has been "fixing" things for me around the house! Curiouser and curiouser, he seems quite handy and even tempered. He was even patient with me to watch the Kentucky Derby on Saturday afternoon - hats and all!!

I had drawn this line in the sand about what would be acceptable and unacceptable in my next relationship - if there ever was one. You all know - those qualities of the "perfect imaginary man". My list was quite long and included things like must listen to NPR, loves to dance, listen to jazz, like teenagers and dogs. Well, this line I had has been moving - there are times when I cannot even find my line!! I have been laughing much, feeling special, and had some quite intense conversations. He has introduced me to his family and it all feels so "alright". I enjoy his teasing sense of humor and his smile. He was not what I was looking for - but I think he is what I need.

Well - I had better get off here and enjoy what remains of this truly lovely Sunday. Wishing everyone a wonderful week!


chrisknitz said...

Sometimes we just need to go with what works. I would never have looked at my husband as a date when we first met because I "tower" over him by 4 inches. I am not over tall, he is just under tall. But I met him as a friend and the love quickly hit. He, too, made me laugh!! Now 14 years later he still makes me laugh.

Sharon said...

Oh I love a good romance. :) Keep us posted. We'll cheer if it goes well, and commiserate if things go south. Either way...HAVE FUN!

Beth said...

What is street scrubbing? It sounds like more than someone cleaning the street.

That's so nice you are enjoying your companion's company! :)