Monday, September 18, 2006

Rainy days and Mondays....

Hello there, it is a rainy, cool Monday here and I have come down with a heck of a cold. Can a Monday get better than this?

I am working from home today so I won't infect my entire office - although I am sure that is where I got this cold!

It was a quiet week and weekend - I worked most of it, but I had yesterday off - I slept most of the day and I knit a little. So much for a productive day of knitting!

I have a beginning knitting class to teach this week - that should be fun! But, I have decided to not teach classes next month. I have to work on a fundraiser for school and I can see that it is going to require some extra time to get it done correctly.

The new season of television is here! Are you all excited for Grey's Anatomy to start on Thursday night??? Okay, I know - I admit - I am BORING!!! :-)

Well, I better get back to work - have a great day everyone!


Becky said...

sorry you are feeling so yucky. I hate it when a cold creeps up on me and then uggh the suffering through it..
Hope you get better soon.

StarzAbove said...

Yes! I am looking forward to Grey's - it's on my calendar. If you are boring, so am I :-)

I was also excited about the Amazing Race starting this past Sunday, and I'm looking forward to LOST starting next month.