Thursday, March 22, 2007

Chain letters

What are your thoughts on Chain Letters? I have never been one to participate in them, I frankly find them a nuisance to the nth degree. Well, I got one at work the other day - have you all heard of the "Financial Blessings Letter"? Someone, this chain letter is unsigned, so the victim (me) has no idea who is my tormentor! If you are in my office and you put this letter in my mailbox, you might want to stop reading by blog about now... it is going to get ugly from here forward.

So, I go up and ask the receptionist if she knows who put this in my mailbox - she laments to me, no - but I got 6 of them!

Basically, the gist of this "letter" is that if you do not send this letter out - great peril awaits the poor sap who does not send it on to dozens of other poor saps. Yet - if you do send this out to the unsuspecting public - a treasure trove of blessings are just waiting to be showered upon you.

Here is my question - beyond my asking above what your thoughts are on chain letters - is there anyone out there who believes this?? I guess I can see why people answer those emails on the "Ethiopia Scams" etc.

So, as I am not going to send this letter out to any of my friends, so-called friends, acquaintances, or even those people who are not friends - stay tuned to see what horror befalls me in the next few days! I am sure to keep you all posted!

Hey - the sun is out after the rain of yesterday - it is about 50 degrees outside and tonight is Knit Night, it is a good day in my neighborhood! Have a good one in yours!


Kathy said...

I don't ever do those chain letters either. Even the desperate begging ones. They are just silly I think. Nothing has HAPPENED as a result of the breaking of the chain.....
the old send it back to me and you'll see why thing never seemed to enlighten me either.
Happy sunny day. Same here in chicago

Ewe-niss said...

I have a couple of girl friends that always send me these things via email. Pretty much it is the only time I hear from them. I asked my friend one time why she sent me these. As I told her she according to the letters is sending me bad luck since I NEVER forward them on. She told me she needed all the luck she could find. In the end I figure that they must still be alive :-)

I know your frustration. I detest the chain mail myself. The questions you raised are the same that I have had. When you toss them out, be sure to recycle the paper. No use harming the environment too! :-)

Look! It is sunny today!!! :-)

Ann Marie said...

fun at knit nite, but do I have to concentrate to get started on this new jacket!
I hope to get at least another 4 blocks done before next week, lol.
As for the chain letter, toss it to the shredder!

Teyani said...

chain letters?
one word.
I delete them, never respond, and do not send on.
total ugh

Lisa said...

Yeah, I don't do them either. Sometimes I will get one where you have to send something to the first person on the list - a lottery ticket, a recipe, etc. It's a nice idea, but rarely gets too far.

Chris said...

I dread the ones you have to swap recipes, cards, or some other useless item. Wish we could find the lonely person who keeps starting these and find them a friend!
I just want to know how the blessing provider knows you sent them out?

Knittymama said...

I totally toss the things!

Kathy said...

I also detest chain letters and how much they clutter up my in box. Ugh.

It shocks me that people believe these things. Dateline just did a story on the Nigerian scams and it was amazing how gullible some folks can be.